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DISCLAIMER (June 12, 2012)

We mean no harm and come in piece!


This website and it's information is fun intended. Please use it in the same way. All the information visible on this website is found on the interweb or comes directly from the sick brain of this websites founding fathers.


If you think we borrowed something without giving the proper credits, just let us know and will fix this. If we did not gave proper credits it's just because we could not find the right person to give credit to. Mea Culpa! (this means something like, I'm sorry and I will fix this)


Since this website has no commercial character, don't use any legal stuff against us because this will ruin us personally. Really don't, since that is no fun!

COOKIE POLICY (June 12, 2012)

CookieMonsterWhat is a cookie?


A cookie is a very small file that is send to your computer while browsing a website and placed on your hard disk. The information stored in this file can be send back to companies servers if you visit that website again.


Some cookies are necessary for the basic functionality of a website (first party) and other non-necessary cookies are used by companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Disqus (third party) for functionality (Facebook and Tweet button) or data collection (Google Analytics). This websites does use cookies.


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What third party cookies does this website use?


This website uses services from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Disqus that do place third party cookies on your hard disk.



Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to collect statistical and analytical information about how people use this site. The cookies that are generated by this service anonymously track things such as general geographic location, popular pages, and time spent on pages. We use this information to improve our site and its content.


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The legal stuff


By using and visiting Tarrels.eu you declare not to hold us responsible in any (legal) way for the collection and distribution of your data gathered on this website by third parties. We can not be held responsible in any (legal) way for the storage in or safety of third party (or higher) database(s) nor being asked to remove your data from these databases.



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If you want to prevent cookies from being placed on your hard disk, use a browser extension such as Ghostery or change your browsers settings. If you want to remove already placed cookies, please check your browsers help for instructions. More information about cookies can be found here: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/